Comprehensive financial advice

At Provident Financial Planning, our in-house JD, CPA, and CFP® team develops and manages a comprehensive strategy based on your investments, taxes, and estate plan.

Features and Benefits

Strategy Designed For Your
Financial Success

Explore the array of advantages that our customized advice provides, thoughtfully shaped to align with your unique financial goals, concerns, and priorities.

Custom Asset Managment

We build index-based asset management strategies, just for you, to ensure the highest probability of success for your financial resources.

Tailored Tax Strategies

Our seasoned professionals devise tax strategies exclusively for you, optimizing your tax scenarios and helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

integrated Estate Plans

We aid in safeguarding the future of your loved ones with effective legacy planning that honors your wishes and enhances your legacy.

Reliable Financial Stability

We build all-encompassing financial plans aimed to secure your financial well-being, regardless of the economic landscape.

In-House Tax Preparation

Our experienced professionals address your annual tax filing obligations by preparing your income tax return accurately and under the same roof.

transparent Flat Fees

Our pledge to transparency resonates in our flat fee structure, eliminating the conflict of interest caused by commissions.

Trusted Christian Partners

Integrity, compassion, and stewardship are at the core of our approach, driving us to serve our clients with honesty, empathy, and commitment that comes from our Christian faith.

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Customized Financial Advice for Every Wealth Stage

Whether you're in the process of building wealth, managing wealth, or running a business, we bring expert advice to guide you on your path.

"Starting our relationship years before retirement made for a smooth and stress free transition. The organization, communication and attention to detail, along with the current portfolio structure as we enter retirement brings us peace of mind about our future."

Rhett & Lonnie

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Attend our free events for a comprehensive understanding of topics, such as: estate planning, wealth management, and Social Security strategies. Learn from the experts and equip yourself with the knowledge to share with others.

Our Integrity, Our Guide

Our Governing Values

Integrity is a core principle of our work,
and our faith in Christ is the propeller of our efforts.

Faith in Christ

Our faith in Christ inspires us to conduct our business with unwavering honesty and integrity.

Expertise at Service

We utilize our proficiency to develop strategies that align with your unique financial plan.

Transparent Flat Fee

Our clear-cut pricing ensures zero hidden costs or unwelcome surprises, simplifying your financial planning journey.

Take Control of Your Financial Future Today

Guided by our values of faith, service, and transparency, we at Provident Financial Planning are ready to help you navigate your financial journey. Schedule a consultation with us and discover how we can create a personalized financial plan for you.

Offices in Arizona, Georgia & Texas

We serve clients in many states. Our dedicated professionals are strategically located in Texas, but we have added offices in Atlanta and Phoenix to offer clients easy access to our services to better serve you.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions. Schedule a free phone consultation to begin building your financial strategy.

What are the fees associated with your advisory services?

Unlike many financial advisors who charge a 1% asset under management fee, we operate on a flat fee advisory model. The annual fee model begins at $5,000, which includes filing personal federal and state tax returns.

How do you ensure the advice you give isn't generic?

We are committed to providing personalized financial advice tailored to each client's individual needs. We first build your financial strategy which includes your concerns and preferences, then we develop the investment strategy to carry out the goals and objectives of the financial plan. Our recommendations are custom, ensuring that we meet your specific financial goals rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach.

Is there a minimum wealth requirement to engage your service?

We believe that everyone should have access to sound financial advice, hence we do not impose a minimum wealth requirement. However, our services are most beneficial for those with at least $500,000 in assets or $350,000+ in annual income.

What advice and service do you provide someone who is still building wealth?

Individuals looking to accumulate wealth need to integrate multiple facets effectively. It involves strategic investment planning, tax optimization, and comprehensive financial strategy to maximize your wealth accumulation.

How can a business owner or business benefit from your advice?

Cash and treasury management has been shelved since 2008 due to the low interest rate environment, but businesses can now earn +5% on operating cash reserves. We implement a laddered strategy which provides daily liquidity, high rates, and U.S. Department of the Treasury-backed security.

How can your wealth management services help me?

Our wealth management services provide a holistic approach to managing your wealth. We offer customized financial strategy, investment management, retirement planning, and tax planning strategies tailored to your concerns and priorities.

I have assets spread across various accounts and investments. Can you manage all of them?

Yes, we advise clients on all aspects of their financial life including equity compensation, employer retirement plans, and real estate without the need to consolidate your investments. We use Morningstar data aggregator to ensure your financial accounts are all working together towards your financial objectives.

What kind of investment advice can I expect?

We provide personalized investment advice based on your goals, risk tolerance, current assets, tax strategy, and investment horizon. We utilize various types of investments including individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index-ETFs, and alternative investments.

I'm planning to retire in a few years. How can you help me prepare?

Our services for pre-retirees focus on wealth accumulation and transition planning for your retirement. We help you create a retirement income plan, build and implement the financial strategy through your investments, and provide advice on Social Security and Medicare.

Can you help with pension planning?

Yes, we advise and assist clients in selection of your pension options to ensure you're making the most of your retirement benefits.